Niels Andersen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. His father Henning Andersen worked in Greenland for the British Army to make the money for his family to immigrate to the United States. He felt his children would have more opportunities in America. This has always been a motivating factor in Niels life to work hard and not let his fathers sacrifice be in vain.

His Kindergarten teacher noticed his extraordinary artistic talent. She encouraged his parents to nurture his artistic talent. In his early teens his father enrolled him in art instruction school. Niels achieved a basic art certificate in illustration. Niels has always said: "I cannot take credit for the talent God has given me, I could only take credit for using it."

In 1989, Milpitas, California Niels made his first sculpture. He takes great pride in his work. He loves realism and extreme details. Niels has done real bronze sculptures, but he wanted to created a product that everyone could afford and enjoy. He began manufacturing his sculptures in resin with a bronze finish and shipping them factory direct throughout the country. In 1998, he relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and two daughters, where he currently resides and oversees his factory.

Niels has done several commissions and projects:

  • Bust of Jackie Robinson - MLB Player
  • Ken Hall - High School Heisman Award
  • Pete Dawkins-1958 Heisman Winner
  • Sammy Baugh-Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • Kevin Saunders-Olympic Medalist
  • Louisiana Superdome-College Bowl Award,
  • Ployer Hill - Hill Air force base,
  • Ken Dabrow -Dabrow Radio
  • Joe Weider - 2000 Weider Awards
  • Elmer Trett- Top Fuel Champion
  • Sergio Olivia - Mr. Olympia
  • ASU Mascot - Collegiate Licensed Product
  • Bruin Bear - UCLA Mascot
  • Knight- Fremont Private Academy
  • Wrestling Logo-IKW Organization
  • Lou Groza Award- Manufacturer of this product.
  • 7' Bronze Monument of a Agony in Gethsemane -Scottsdale 1st Assembly Church
  • 10' Bronze Monument of Come Unto Me- Cathedral of Faith San Jose

Niels also did a bust of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold was so kind and encouraging throughout the project. Arnold sent a letter stating it was the best sculpture by far, ever done of him.

Niels continuously adds to his line of work and welcomes commissions.

He feels blessed to do something he thoroughly enjoys for a living and appreciates the freedom and time it gives him with his family.