Welcome to "Edify Him" as our name states our main goal is to edify the Lord with our sculptures. These sculptures where created to magnify and appreciate the word of God.

Niels Andersen is the sculptor of these statues you are about to preview. His talent is a God-Given gift and he would like to use his talent for the Lord. Niels' goal is to bring to light what God has done for us. These were created to be a witness in your home or workplace. They were also created to assist ministries.

These sculptures are made of a durable poly-resin,coated with a beautiful metal like gallery bronze finish and hand-antiqued to highlight the details. Niels takes great pride in his work and oversees the quality at his manufacturing facility in Arizona.

Niels is also available for commission work. Please visit our commision/monument page.

Niels has said, "If my sculptures bring people closer to the Lord then I have accomplished what I set out to do". So, please be sure to share with him if they have touched your life.

Thank you for visiting our site, we will be adding to our line so be sure to visit again! God Bless (Share this site with a friend.)